Pomegranate Dragon Daggers

The Pomegranate Dragon Daggers are the ultimate hunting knives for outdoor enthusiasts. Featuring two sharp blades (3.5″ & 4.5″), perfect for precision cuts, skinning, and durable rosewood handles for a secure grip. Versatile, durable, and essential for hunting and martial arts!!


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Introducing the Double Skinner Duo, the ultimate hunting knife for any outdoor enthusiast. This knife is a hunter’s dream come true, featuring two razor-sharp blades for precision skinning and cutting. The first blade, measuring 3.5 inches, is perfect for precision cuts and skinning, while the second, 4.5-inch blade, is ideal for heavy-duty tasks such as cutting through bone. The ergonomic handle is made of durable, slip-resistant rubber for a comfortable and secure grip. The double Skinner Duo is made of high-quality stainless steel and is built to last, making it the perfect companion for all your hunting adventures.
This knife is versatile and multi-use, it can be used for skinning, gutting, and caping and is designed to make the process of field dressing game fast, easy and efficient. The Double Skinner Duo is a must-have for any serious hunter, and it’s also a great gift idea for the outdoor enthusiast in your life.



Overall Length: 9.5” inches
Blade length : 4.5” inches
Blade Material : true Layered Damascus Steel
Pattern: 512 layered Twisted pattern and hammer forged
Tang : Full tang welded pattern
Handle Length : 5.0 inches

Handle Material: Blue Diamond Wood

Masterfully Crafted Pomegranate Dragon Daggers: Precision in Every Strike

Guard / Clip: No
Finger ring size: 25mm
Sheath: Double carry Original Leather sheath (Left and Right)
Use / Wear: back of the jeans with belt loop
File work: on spine
Pins: Silver pins on handle



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